Surgical Services Checklist

Please arrive at your scheduled time unless you are otherwise instructed by your physician or a hospital employee. Our nurse will call you before your surgery to obtain a brief medical history and give you pre-op instructions. If you have not been contacted by 3pm of the day before surgery, please call the Surgery department at (573) 727-9080 before 5:00 p.m. and ask for the pre-op nurse.

Our business office staff may contact you before your surgery date to obtain insurance information. Please bring a photo ID, all health insurance cards, and a list of all medications and supplements taken with you the day of your procedure.

Please bring any legal documents regarding power of attorney or guardianship, if they are applicable.

If you would like to tour our facility, please feel free to call (573) 727-9080.

The Night Before Your Surgery

Please follow the eating and drinking instructions. Adults should not eat anything solid after midnight the night before surgery unless the pre-op nurse has provided special eating instructions. This is very important for your safety. You should not chew gum, suck on hard candy, smoke or use any tobacco products after midnight before surgery. If you do not follow these instructions, your procedure may be delayed or rescheduled. If your child is having surgery, our pre-op nurse will discuss feeding instructions with you during our call. If you are taking medications, check with the nurse who calls you before surgery regarding these medications.

The Morning of Your Surgery

Eating & Drinking Instructions

Infants Age Two Years and Younger:

Children Age Two Years to Adults:

Never eat solid food after midnight the night before your surgery.

If you are diabetic, obese, pregnant, have reflux or a hiatal hernia you should not eat or drink after midnight before surgery.

If your procedure is scheduled late in the day your surgeon may allow for a light meal six (6) hours before surgery. A light meal consists of dry toast or bread, dry cereal, clear liquids, no dairy foods, no fatty or greasy foods. Example: Dry toast, Jell-O, and black coffee, or saltine crackers popsicle, and apple juice.

Your Procedure

A family member or friend may wait in our lobby during your surgery. Simple lab tests may be performed at the Surgery Center on the day of surgery if not previously completed. Your anesthesia care team will meet with you and answer any questions you might have. A nurse will escort you to the operating room.

General Information

After Your Surgery

You will return to your pre-op room for recovery or go to our phase one recovery suite, where you will rest under the care of our trained staff. Our anesthesia team will monitor your condition. A relative or friend may join you once you are in your room for the second phase of recovery. The nurses and doctors will answer your questions and give you post-operative instructions. You will receive a written copy of these instructions. You may be sleepy after your surgery, even after spending time in the recovery room. Please arrange for an adult family member or friend to drive you home.

Do’s and Don’ts